Confinement package



In premium confinement package, all the herbs used will be of premium grade.These include premium Ginseng, American Ginseng,  Hua Jiao, premium Dang Shen, Bei Qi, Du Zhong  and large Wolfberries. Special tonic soups are also prepare to further boost the mother recovery.

Premium confinement package 1 include ; 

Week 1 : Remove blood stasis, promote Qi and nourishes the blood

( start after return home) 

1) 生化汤 Sheng Hua Soup

2) 野人参牛七汤 Ginseng Niu Qi Soup

3) 杜仲补腰汤 Du Zhong Tonic

4) 坐月补气养血汤 Confinement Tonic Soup

Week 2 : strengthen the kidneys, rid the wind and promote Qi & Blood

1) 牛七枸杞汤 Niu Qi Wolfberry Soup

2) 黄芪党参汤 Huang Qi Dang Sheng Soup

3) 黄精补肾汤 Kidney Nourishing Soup

4) 野花旗参白芍汤 American Ginseng Bai Shao Soup

5) 加味四物汤 Si Wu Soup

6) 野人参祛风补脑汤 Ginseng Brain Tonic Soup

7) 坐月补气养血汤 Confinement Tonic Soup 

Week 3: Nourishes well being, tonic the womb and promote Qi & Blood

1) 虫草花补肾汤 Cordyceps Flower Tonic Soup

2) 杜仲补腰汤 Du Zhong Soup

3) 坐月补血汤 Tonic Health Soup

4) 野花旗参白术汤 American Ginseng Bai Shu Soup

5) 加味八珍汤 Ba Zhen Soup

6) 人参灵芝汤 Ginseng Ling Zhi Soup

7) 花胶补气养血汤 Superior Fish Maw Tonic Soup

Week 4: Strengthen the kidney, womb tonic, hair tonic and overall Qi & Blood.

1) 人参核桃大补汤 Ginseng Walnut Nourish Soup

2) 加味四神汤 Si Shen Soup

3) 首乌益发补肾汤 Shou Wu Hair Tonic Soup

4) 益母人参补养汤 Yi Mu Ginseng Soup

5) 虫草花补肾汤 Cordyceps Flower Tonic Soup

6) 花旗参兔丝汤 American Ginseng Tu Si Soup 

7) 当归补血汤 Dang Gui Soup

8) 加味八珍汤 Ba Zhen Soup

9) 人参灵芝汤 Ginseng Ling Zhi Soup 

10) 花胶补气养血汤 Superior Fish Maw Tonic Soup 

*Home delivery and detailed explanation by trained professional included in the package.