1. Methods of Cooking 煮法

  • Red Dates Tea (Start Day 1 after delivery) 

Place one packet of red dates tea into the pot and add 2000 ml of water. Bring to boil around 5 minutes with high heat. Reduce heat and simmer for another 20 minutes. Drain the herbs away and keep the red dates tea in hot flask.

          红枣茶 (生产后的第一天开始)

煎红枣茶时,加2000ml 水。大火煎水沸后,小火再煎20分钟。沥过药材,放进热水壶里, 便可使用。


  • Sheng Hua Soup (After Discharge)

Place the herbs into the pot and add 1000 ml of water. Bring to boil around 5 minutes with high heat. Reduce heat and simmer for another 20 minutes or left with one cup of water. Drain the herbs away. Add red flower and allow it to simmer for 5 minutes. Drain accordingly.

              生化汤 (出院后)

煎药时,加1000ml 水。一般煎药为大火煎水沸后,小火再煎20分钟 (大约一杯水)。沥过药材,加入红花。红花不须煮。大约5分钟可使用。


  • Confinement Herbal Soup

Scald meat in boiling water. Rinse the herbs quickly and drain well. Put all the ingredients into a slow cooker. Add 1500ml of water and boil for 2 hours on high heat.



将肉川烫, 捞起备用。将药材洗净。把全部材料放入炖盅。加1500ml 清水, 炖两小时。


2.  Can breast feeding mommy take our confinement packages?

Yes. The herbs inside the packages are formulated to improve the health of the mommy and will not affect the new born baby. 

3. Will taking confinement packages caused jaundice in new born baby?

No. There are no herbs in our confinement packages that will caused jaundice.

Neonatal jaundice affect more than half of newborn babies. regardless whether in a Chinese or Caucasian communities. Neonatal jaundice is caused by high levels of a yellowish-green pigment in the blood known as bilirubin, which is a breakdown product of red blood cells. The liver, which removes bilirubin from the blood, may not function properly in a newborn baby for several days. As a result, the level of bilirubin rises as fetal blood cells are broken down.There are rare conditions such as Rhesus incompatibility between incompatible blood group between mother and baby, or congenital infections or biliary atresia.

Most babies with mild jaundice do not require treatment or some may require phototherapy. Morning sun bath will helps. Neonatal jaundice tend to disappear after the first week or later if the baby is breast fed.

 4. Can a mommy who breast feed a G6PD deficiency baby take the confinement package?

Yes. There are no herbs inside the confinement herbs that will provoke this hereditary abnormality.