new born and mummy tonic hamper



新生儿与母亲 健康礼篮


Suitable as a superior gift for 做为健康礼品,最适合的场合为;
1. Visiting relatives and friends in hospital who has just given birth 去医院探访刚生产后的亲朋戚友
2. Attending relatives and friends’ baby shower 参加的满月庆祝活动

1. Dragon Brand Superior Jin Si Guan Yan Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar bottled bird nest
龙标高级冰糖金丝官燕 6 x 75g
2. Brand’s Essence of Chicken Original 白兰氏鸡精原味 7 x 68ml
3. Whealth Tonic Drink 养生精 720 ml
4. Origins Organic Raw Honey 有机蜂蜜 1x500g
5. Drapolene Cream 55g 保婴乳膏
6. Yu Yee Oil 10ml 黄祥华吉祥双料如意油

New Born & Mommy Tonics Hamper consist of bottled bird nest which is used traditionally to promote overall immunity and is responsible for skin and tissues repaired. It also helps to speed up recovery. Bird nest also help to improve appetite and improve digestion. Essence of Chicken is known to combat mental fatigue, improve concentration, improve recovery after exercise, improve mood, improve quality of lactation and reduce glycemic response. Whealth Tonic drink promote blood and Qi energy circulation, strengthen kidneys and back, nourish blood, calm nerves and promote quality sleep, improving skin complexion. Honey is known to improve immunity, exhibit anti-bacterial properties and have probiotic effect.
Drapolene Cream prevents and treat nappy rash and nappy redness. Drapolene Cream will also provide soothing relief for minor burns and wounds. Yu Yee Oil provide relief of stomachache and cold. It is also use traditionally for relief of minor aches and pains of the muscles and joints.

The synergistic beneficial effects of the contents make New Born & Mommy Tonics Hamper a great gift for your loves one health needs.

新生儿与母亲健康礼篮里包含了瓶装燕窝。燕窝具有提高免疫功能,也可帮助组织与皮肤的修复。 它能加速身体康复,并能促进食欲与改善消化功能。鸡精具有抗疲劳,提高集中力,改善运动后的康复,改善情绪,并能增强母乳哺育期素质,也能改善血糖代谢。养生精可大补元气,強腰补肾,补血活血,养血安神,促进睡眠质量,护肤养颜。蜂蜜具提高免疫功能,抗病菌及促肠胃代谢。


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