Only for In House TCM Clinic's patients. Do call our TCM Clinic @ 62882546 to verified the type of medications that you need.

Our TCM Clinic provide TCM services especially in areas of; 

1) Gastrointestinal: Indigestion, bloatedness, nausea,stomachache , gastric reflux, diarrhea, constipation,chronic gastrointestinal disorder.

2) Cough: Cough, phlegm, chronic cough, asthma

3) Flu: runny nose, feverish, feeling of chill,bodyache, sore throat

4) Men's Health: Men's vitality tonic, prostate disorder such as a weak urinary stream, a feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, difficulty urination, frequent & urgency to urinate, frequent night urination

5) Women's Health: Irregular menstrual cycle, menstrual cramps, incontinence, menopausal syndromes such as hot flushes, insomnia, hair loss,dry skin and mood swings.

6) Kids' Health: Cough & cold, recurrent cough & cold, asthma, nose allergy, lungs tonic, lack of appetite, spleen tonic.

7) Fertility Tonic: Strengthen male and female fertility by improving their reproduction health

8) Cholesterol, Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Management: Regulate these chronic conditions using TCM principles with a long term objective to lead a healthy lifestyle.

9) Stress Management: Anxiety disorder such as worry about a future event and fear to a current event.

10) Shortness of Breath: Taking deep breath with increased frequency, lethargic, tiredness, loss of appetite.


只供本诊所病人。请致电本中医诊所 ( 62882546) 以确定所需药处方。


 1) 肠胃不适:消化不良、胀风、反胃、腹痛、胃酸倒流、泻泄、便秘、慢性肠胃功能失调。

2) 咳嗽:发烧咳嗽、风咳、干咳、夜咳、咳痰黄、咳痰白、慢性肺功能失调所至长期咳嗽哮喘。

3) 伤风感冒:流鼻涕、恶寒发热、身紧酸痛、咽干喉痛。

4) 男性健康:男子性功能減退、前列腺功能失调症如尿频、尿急、尿道不适、排尿不净、排尿困难、夜尿次数增多。

5) 妇女健康:月经失调、痛经、尿失禁、更年期综合症如潮热、失眠、脱发、皮肤干燥、情绪波动等。

6) 儿童健康:咳嗽流涕、长期反复咳嗽流涕、哮喘、鼻敏感、肺气调补、胃口不佳、脾胃调䃼。

7) 男子生育女子受孕调理:即调理男子肝肾女子冲任以促进生育能力。

8) 胆固醇、血糖、血压调理:以中医理论调节三高症的同时以达到健康生活目标。

9) 情绪调理: 情绪紧张、情绪忧思、焦虑症。

10) 宗气不足: 气短、无精神、疲累或胃气不佳。