(Herbs Health) Root King Energy 原动力80s
(Herbs Health) Root King Energy 原动力80s
(Herbs Health) Root King Energy 原动力80s

(Herbs Health) Root King Energy 原动力80s


(Herbs Health) Root King Energy 原动力80s

How To Fight Fatigue
Do you feel worn out before the day is over? Too tired to play on weekends? Can’t even begin to think about sex or exercising, or you run out of gas before working up a sweat?

Women of all ages seem to be suffering from an energy deficit these days.

Work and school demands, children’s needs, money pressures, maintaining a household, caring for relatives, sustaining personal relationships, health concerns blah blah blah. It’s amazing that any of us can sleep. Or maybe you’re able to get the 8 hours of sleep that’s the best for most of us, but you still feel exhausted.

Many researchers believe that fatigue has become the norm for many otherwise healthy women. They’ve simply accepted feeling tired for months or even years.

Of course, there may be a medical reason for your exhaustion, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or thyroid disorder, so it’s important to talk with your health care provider about any severe fatigue.

Most women—who don’t have such conditions—can take on their low energy and tiredness problems themselves.

Enhance Marital And Dating Happiness
Today’s urban men and women, married couples and dating couples living in fast-paced environments were constantly under pressure which may change the body health unknowingly. The body naturally tries to restore the loss of energy and desire, keeping hormone levels balanced.

Root King Energy Capsule
Root King Energy contains a proprietary blend of Tongkat Ali and other standardized herbs. A person experiencing stress, muscle tension, and insomnia may consider Energy Capsule to restore energy and vigour, relieve muscle ache and improve sexual desire affected by a hormone imbalance or deteriorating hormones due to age.

Fixing low energy with “energy food” like energy bars or energy drinks contains too many calories and too much caffeine, creating a false energy burst, followed by a drop.

But Root King Energy doesn’t contain caffeine or calories. No side effects and non-dependency.


Insomnia & fatigue
Emotional irritability
Hormone imbalances
Low libido
Increase energy
Increase sexual desire

Balance qi in the body
Counteract flagging energy
Support blood circulation
Strengthen immune system
Ease discomfort in joint and back
Relief body heat due to stress
Other benefits:

Increase low sexual desire
Energy support
Reduce body ache
How to use: Take 2 capsules in the morning and at night daily. Consume half an hour after meal. Reduce dosage if necessary. DO NOT exceed 4 capsules per day.